Virtual Learning Network

The Virtual Learning Network (VLN), He kōtuinga ako ā-ipurangi, is an interactive resource provided by the Ministry of Education for all New Zealand educators.
This site is well worth a look if you want to link in with groups discussing and sharing e-Learning ideas and resources

Enable e-Learning

Enable e-Learning is - The Ministry's hub for e-learning education resources and programmes in New Zealand.
SO much to link into here
You can discuss particular aspects of e-learning in these e-Learning sub-groups: Leadership; Teaching; Technologies; Professional Learning; Beyond the classroom
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I have recently linked into a webinar on the 'Secondary curriculum, NCEA, and e-Learning'.
The webinar discusses Google Apps for Education; the use of Google Docs and Google presentations and more
A link to the webinar recording follows (there is some software that you will have to download to listen to this, but this is an easy process)

Further discussions or Threads are also set up so that you can continue discussion/questions that have been generated from the webinar

OR this webinar and others in the series can be found through this Enable e-Learning link [comment Angela Cameron]

Maths & Statistics ICT
Maths & Statistics ICT

Senior Secondary ICT community link

Welcome to this community of Mathematics and Statistics teachers who are interested in using ICT in their teaching. All levels of experience and interest are welcome, whether you're a beginner wondering where to start, or an expert wondering where to next. This group started as a CMA initiative in late 2012, but all are welcome. Share ideas, issues, questions, steal others' ideas!


Download this resource from

What is Geogebra about? - Check out this link for Overview and resources from Primary to Secondary

Handout from MMTA workshop at PNGHS November 21st - a couple of Geogebra activities to try

Priscilla Allan Developed applets for geogebra applications. (thanks for this link Ngaire Addis Conference 2013)
The "who?" and "Links" pages are good for a first look at all the material Priscilla has produces

Ngaire Addis has produce several wikis that include Geogebra based teaching resources

2013 Ernest Duncan Award Resources

ICT Links

BYOD ideas - NZAMT-13 Conference forum

QR Codes

Presented by Stephanie McConarchie at 2013 Maths Conference (more from Stephen can be found through the virtual learning network site)
Very informative pdf for novices and those more experienced - heaps of ideas for these
I liked Slide 20 - Primary Petes used of QR codes in formative assessment to help target students learning

Ways to Use QR Codes using Google Docs to create them