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Rich Tasks

Problem solving Cycle


Download this resource from

What is Geogebra about? - Check out this link for Overview and resources from Primary to Secondary

Professional Learning Communities - including Link to NCEA forums

Math is Fun includes Strand material, Puzzles, Games, and an on-line forum

Census at school

CAST link

CAST stands for Computer-Assisted Statistics Textbooks and consists of a collection of electronic textbooks (e-books). Three e-books cover material in introductory statistical methods courses with data and scenarios from different application areas. Other e-books teach more advanced topics.
  • Dynamic graphics explain difficult concepts -- most pages have animations, simulations or other dynamic displays
  • CAST is highly interactive to help keep interest and improve learning
  • The approach is data-focused with many data sets

Resources from Dr Nicola Petty at the Statistic Learning Centre

Dr Nic, as she is commonly known, runs the popular website and the blog

Free access for teachers
Teachers may have free access for now by joining up using the enrolment key “teacher2013”.
There is a two step process for teachers to join:
  1. Join the site at . You will need to reply to an email to verify your address. You make up your own username and password. You may use your email address as your username if you wish.
  2. Log in to the same site using your new username and password. Then click on the NZStats 3 link. Sign onto the NZStats 3 Teacher enrolment. Use the code word “teacher2013” without the quotes, and you will be able to use all the facilities on NZStats 3. The same applies for NZStats2.